Top 5 RPG Games of All Time

1. Final Fantasy VII

My favourite game of all time (yes over hyped these days with all the spin-offs) but I can not fault it. I love everything about it, I actually like the old chunky block graphics! I used to want a remake of this in HD but now I think no, leave it alone, it's a masterpiece already. As much as I would love to see it re-made I fear with the way Square are at the moment they may ruin it!

I am not saying I would not jump with excitement if they did remake it but I don't want them to ruin it, I do still play this game (I can't seem to stop) and I do go through the game imagining it in the graphics of Advent Children now which is why a remake would be good if they didn't change any of the story or combat! I actually think it would be great if they did add a little something to the remake, and that's the arena/side missions. I think if they added more to do there it would not ruin the game at all, just giving us something extra to do after the main story has being done (now I know there is a lot already but imagine being able to do more with the arena, imagine being able to go online with that and fight real people!). Anyways not going to say anymore about this game as I could literally type away for hours!

2. Xenogears

What to say about this game...It's just amazing end of! It's a little different from your normal RPG in terms of combat. It's got the basic RPG system there with a twist, it's a few button combinations in the combat. The only way I could describe it would be to say it's what a martial arts RPG would be like. You basically create attack combinations with the square, triangle and cross buttons with triangle being the weakest, square being medium strength and cross being the strongest.

Each attack takes up some points to perform with the weaker ones taking less points and the stronger ones taking more points. As you level up you get more points and you can build bigger combos. That is just the combat on foot! You also get to fight in Gears! these are mahoooosive (massive) robots that you can get in and pilot. This in itself is very fun as you almost feel like a god (or is that just me? haha). Unfortunately this game is un-released in the UK so a lot of people do not know about it unless you are a serious RPG fan. I highly recommended this game to everyone I talk to! I am always going on about it.

3. Chrono Trigger

A classic! Shame I didn't play it back then though. I recently played this on the DS and I loved every minute of it! The music is really good too, and I don't usually comment that much on the music of a game but this one was something else. I don't know how but it made me feel nostalgic and like I had played the game before (even though I had not!). It's got a great story and the gameplay is fantastic for old school RPG fans. All I can say is buy this little gem, you won't regret it!

4. White Knight Chronicles

This game is the best RPG this generation! Do not listen to the critics or any bad reviews about it. It's amazing, I would prefer the combat to be more like Dragon Quest or the older Final Fantasy Games however it's still great for what it is and the fact that it is an old school style RPG (i.e not too much action RPG). The best thing about this game is all the RPG elements it contains that RPGS this gen just do not have. It has an amazing gripping Storyline, it has TOWNS/SHOPS!! (Ok sorry I had to shout there because new RPGS this gen are seriously lacking in this and it just feels right having them!)

It's also got a nice customisation system which every RPG needs in my opinion. A good system backs up the game, if you are like me then in your RPG's you will love to be able to customise your characters and their skills/weapons. When I feel like I have the choice to this is when I love it. This game ticks everything an RPG should have in my opinion. Critics get away just because it's not doing anything new does not make it a bad game. It's doing what it should, Level 5 actually know what fans want, and they actually come through on this and provide it! I will continue to support Level 5 as every game I have played from them in the past few years has being nothing short of amazing!

5. Dragon Quest IX

This game looks absolutely terrible if you see the TV Advert. What on earth were they thinking! The advert showcases it as some stupid looking fashion gimmick! They show you some people changing the outfit of the characters and some random person is like "oh I like his shoes" blaa blaa blaa...If I was new to Dragon Quest and seen that I would be like "what the hell, this looks terrible" but I already know they are amazing games so I ignored the stupid advert. Haha now that the rant is out-of-the-way let's talk about the game more. Although this game in the series was meant to be aimed more at multiplayer it can be played solo and does work perfectly fine solo.

Honestly it felt just like a normal solo game to me because I never played it multiplayer once! I might of if I had the choice but usually I like to play my games alone. The only reason I never tried is due to my DS not being able to connect to my Wi-Fi as the Security is not supported by the DS (terrible!). This meant I missed out on a shop in the game that needed Wi-Fi too but nevermind. I am not going to faff about disabling my Wi-Fi Protection all the time just for that. Gameplay wise, it's like every other Dragon Quest...SIMPLE but WORKS! At the moment I can not get enough of Dragon Quest, I am absolutely loving them. I have just completed this one and have now started number VIII which I am also loving. The difference in this one is the visuals/graphics. This was not a port it was a brand new game and I must say the animation and graphics are great.

I love the effect when a fireball is shot at you and one of your characters block it with their shield! This looks so good, it's the first time I have noticed this but it looked better to me than some effects in HD games! Well these are my favourite so far, the list may change to a top ten soon. I used to be a big Square Enix fan as you can probably tell from the above list but as of late they have being terrible! Level 5 are currently my favourite RPG gods at the moment. White Knight Chronicles ticks every box an RPG should. It's a shame the critics hate on it because it's the only RPG this generation that I have really enjoyed. A few other games worth mentioning are Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia 1 and 2. Maybe they will make my top ten! Once I complete them I will let you all know!