Dragon Nest Review

Dragon Nest is the newest action game released by Eyedentity Games. The developer spent a great deal of time and effort to make the game one of the most exciting MMORPGs to hit the gaming market this year. The game is near perfect and a joy to play.

The combat scenes are brilliant and addictive. You never tire of battling large convoys of enemies and bad guys. The storyline is sensible. There is a short dungeon scene that adds a lot of sparkle and variety to the game. The game stays interesting throughout and there is never a boring moment. It's rare to find such a solid game and Eyedentity Games will forever be remembered for their commitment to fine detail. The beauty of the game is its simplicity. Eyedentity Games haven't done much in terms of technology. The graphics are basic and resembles PS2 era technology. The game is smooth and responsive and loads ultra fast. Children will love the art work that reminds them of kindergarten books and fairy tale stories. The reason for its simplicity could be that the developer wanted to make the game playable on as many different systems as possible, without compromising on quality. It seems that their objective has been achieved. Its simple appearance has not degraded the game in any way, but actually enhanced it. The game is family friendly and the dialogue is absent of any profanity. You rarely find war games in this day and age so beautifully designed.
On the surface the game may appear simple, but once you start playing you realize the game is filled with hidden gems. There are so many moves you can do with the mouse and this adds more depth and excitement to the game. You can dodge enemies and also turn dodges into attacks by using the right movements. This isn't the normal fighting game where you simply bludgeon enemies into submission. You need to know exactly when to attack or counter. If you make the wrong choice, you will be penalized for your mistake. This encourages you to learn as you go along. There is no mindless killing that eventually leads to boredom and frustration. The fights get tougher and meaner guys appear as you go further up the levels.
The downside of the game is that you are very seldom rewarded for a job well done. On the rare occasion if you do receive a reward it doesn't appear to be useful and you can't use it to your advantage so the rewards don't benefit you in any manner. Finding gear to enhance your fighting abilities is very hard and tiresome. Many impatient gamers will simply forego looking for collectibles and continue with the battles using the standard weapons. This could become a problem as you have very little inventory by default and winning the battles will become almost impossible. If more gear were readily available the gamer could proceed with more enthusiasm and recklessness.

You have a variety of quests to complete and they all offer something unique and refreshing. The dialogue is filled with witty jokes and delightful comments that will keep you smiling. There are enough battles and boss fights to keep the action alive. The game offers a comprehensive map so you never wander aimlessly wasting time and effort. A variety of characters with their own unique personality adds a lot of fun too.

Dragon Nest is certainly a well rounded game with enough content to pack a serious punch.

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Games Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a new video game, but there are many newly released, awesome games, and you are not sure which to buy?

Buying a new video game may not be as straightforward task as it looks; you may end up wasting your money on a poor game if you do not research it first. I said research? Yes, even for a small task like buying a new video game you need a little research. Most people don't do that research before spending their money on a video game, although it takes only a few minutes to do it.

Why research a video game before buying it? Because there are many games that look amazing, but they are actually poor games that you will not be satisfied with, such poor games could be attractive for buyers because of a well done marketing combined with some false reviews from top games reviewers.

There are many reasons why a professional reviewer may not give an accurate review. Firstly, take into consideration that the reviewer has a large number of titles to review each month, and so he may not be able to give enough time testing for each one. Secondly, even for a professional reviewer with unbiased opinion his personal taste may unintentionally affect his review and the total score for the video game (for score based reviews) and thus giving an inaccurate indication. And finally, some games with very successful previous releases may impose a false assumption on the reviewer that it will be as good as its previous releases.

The easy steps to do before buying a new video game:

1- Read the review from multiple trusted sources.
2- Look for users' reviews. Some games websites give you the average user score; this score is more accurate than the score from professional reviewers because it is directly from the end users.
3- Watch game-play videos and don't rely on official trailer. Search YouTube for game-play videos to see the game in action.
4- Always play the Demo before buying. Almost all games have a demo to try, so why not? Go ahead and try it.
5- Try to avoid games from an unknown publisher. You don't want to end up dealing with a buggy product and poor customer support.

Find latest video games releases and do the above steps before buying any new video game to avoid wasting your money on another so-so game, and if you are still not sure about a particular game then ask people who have played it, the easiest way to do that is to join forums talking about that game.


Best Free Games for iPad: Confessions of a Gameaholic

An iPad has become a wonderful gaming platform leaving other consoles merely toys. To tell you the truth, I have become a gamaholic with the release of Apple's tablet computer. This gadget has even changed my daily routine.

I used to get up early in the morning, check my email and spend half an hour reading news, hot stories and preparing for my classes. And now I start my morning searching for the new games for iPad. I launch the App Store and run through game reviews to download another free app or game and test it before sharing it with my friends.

This device has become an iconic for many people. It quickly replaces popular gaming consoles since more and more developers create iOS games that are not only cool and fun to play but also free to get.

Here are the best free games for iPad that I cannot stop playing. They are very addictive.

1. PIY 4 HD is a great free game for music fans. Its full name is PlayItYourself 4 HD. This game will not teach you how to play the piano, but you will feel what it is like to be a musician, and maybe you'll even consider learning to play the piano one day in the future.

You score by following the notes highlighted on your screen. The music is amazing, no matter how quick or slow you are. So your children should enjoy it as well as you.

You can play only one melody in the beginning of this game. It is Beethoven's Fur Elise. But you can unlock other tunes by scoring and spending your points on the new unlocks.

2. Angry Birds Free HD Rio: If you have ever played Angry Birds you should know how addictive this game is. It's one of the best iOS games ever developed.

The Rio version of Angry Birds includes 12 cool levels. The graphics are amazing. You get to "send your birds" flying in Rio de Janeiro and fight against monkeys. Your main goal is, surely, to free your friends.

If you ever get tired of fun levels, just play beach ball game instead.

3. Words With Friends HD Free: It is one of my favorite free games ever. It is the best version of a popular childhood game.

You can play it with millions of iPad users from all over the world. Build new words, score and challenge your family to bit you in this fun game of word building.

You can enjoy 20 games at one time and invite your Facebook friends to compete with you.

4. AD Jewels ShooterHD: This game is perfect for the fans of Zuma. Do you remember that bubble shooter? Well, AD Jewels ShooterHD is a great "zuma" game for the iPad.

You can choose one of the four modes available. It is easy to play. Simply connect at least three diamonds of one color and they will be destroyed. Your game will come to an end if the stack reaches the bottom.

Place your finger where you want the diamond to shoot, and then release it.

5. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD: It is difficult to find the best racing games among all the free games available. They are all cool and fun to play, but still I have found a couple of apps that I can't stop playing.

GT Racing is one of them. It is free and it lets you challenge your driving skills. You need to win races in order to unlock new cars and racing events. There is an option to buy multipliers and packs from your game for users who are impatient to unlock vehicles and events.

Discover hundreds of other best iPad games and applications, and share your gaming experience with your family and friends.

The Way To Enjoy Pokemon Games Online

Pokemon games online are in a rampage since its release over the internet. For all those who don't know, Pokemon became the next big thing since Nintendo's Mario games.It was Nintendo that released Pokemon as well and with these two great games under their wings, the company successfully continued its reign as one of the world's premier gaming giants.

Pokemon was initially created as a media franchise, not really a video game series. But since Nintendo is Nintendo, whatever they come out with will eventually find its way into the gaming market. Pokemon then became the primary game in Nintendo's Game Boy consoles. This game followed the evolution of such console from its first days when all it has was a black and white screen, all the way to the newer Nintendo DS.
Pokemon games online were not available immediately though. Several years have passed before the game got famous over the online gaming world. Online gamers belong to an entirely different league. They are the ones who surf and play - usually for hours - until they find the game that they would like to download and share. The discipline of online gamers is different. They are not like the conventional players who buy a game from a store and enjoy it through their consoles at home. The online gamers tend to try the game first and decide later if it is indeed one they want to play with for an extended period of time.

But no matter what your preferences are, whether you consider yourself a true internet gaming addict or a dedicated console player, there are Pokemon games online that would interest you. These games are created carefully to provide an answer to your gaming needs. Pokemon is the first-ever role playing game ever introduced to gaming fans. It practically set the platform to most of the RPG games that are very popular online. Online gamers should definitely pay their homage to the father of RPG's, which undoubtedly is Pokemon.
Play Pokemon games online to have a feel of what made it a huge craze back then. This game franchise is still popular right now, thanks to the tons of merchandise that hit the market since its release. Everybody is reminded of the cute little monsters that it features, which can be trained and molded into battle gears yet remain loving and caring like what a true pet should be.
Online Pokemon games use several of the 250 characters that the franchise introduced. However, the most popular one is Pickachu, which is the leading Pokemon and the primary pet of Ash, the game's main protagonist. If you would like to enjoy this game, just look for these two characters - Ash and Pickachu. Together, they can take you to the colorful world of pocket monsters which can be both enjoyable and intimidating at the same time.Pickachu and Ash are all that you need to enjoy Pokemon games online. But of course, if you would like to play this game like a true aficionado, try catching all the 250 monsters with special Pokeballs and keep them all in your Pokedex.

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Mobile Android and iOS Game Development

The game industry has experienced a considerable shift in the past few years. Online and social games have emerged as massive markets showing explosive growth. But what has really taken off is mobile gaming. It's highly dynamic nature has influenced not only the structure of the video game business, but consumers' attitude towards gaming as well.

Traditionally, we know people have been playing video games in the bedroom and lounge room. Nowadays due to the mobile industry development, games are delivered anytime, anywhere, and across a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, the gamer expects to access his games from any device of his liking, rather than limiting himself to consoles or PCs. Moreover, mobile gaming does suit our busy life style; therefore our appetite for it is growing.

And mobile gaming meets our expectations. The rise of underlying forces such as smartphone sales, tablet sales, mobile internet subscribers and applications downloads point out to a rosy future for the industry.

A few years ago mobile gaming was dominated by two companies: Nintendo with its Nintendo DS handheld and Sony with its PlayStation Portable. However, with growing smartphone and tablet markets and increasing advances in mobile device development, Android and iOS devices are becoming the systems of choice for many handheld gaming enthusiasts. Hundreds of volunteers are working in mobile development.

Android and iOS smartphones, portable media players, and tablets have most of the essential features of portable gaming devices - touch screens, motion sensors, accelerometers, and fast graphics, in addition to functioning as phones, contact managers coupled with wireless interfaces for Internet access. One more advantage is that Android and iOS users don't need to go to a store to get titles they can browse and download games anywhere from either App Store or Android Market.

One may point out that smartphone and tablet games cannot compete with well-designed titles for specific gaming devices. However, it's becoming clear that a large (and growing) portion of the consumer marketplace is satisfied with general-purpose smartphones and tablets.

All the same console gaming still rules nowadays, followed by online and PC gaming. But as hardware continues to evolve, mobile gaming provides a very rich user experience. 3D technology, motion detection and smart gesture recognition are becoming commonplace allowing developers to harness the potential of gaming. In short, the mobile games development has only just begun. The age of new mobile games has started.

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Top Must Have Gaming Accessories

Gaming gear are a necessity for every serious pc gaming enthusiast. With many products, the choices could look endless to a gamer. The list below of gamer gadgets features suggestions for beginner and professional pc game enthusiasts alike.

Gamer Mice - With extra control keys, awesome sensitivity and a more comfortable grip, a gamer mouse takes gameplay to a different degree of control. Especially useful for response time-sensitive pc games, such as First-Person Shooters.

Gamepads - Occasionally linked with gamer computer keyboards, gamepads usually function as a more compact version of your normal pc style keyboard able to be run with one hand. This allows gamers much better access and control to the in-game workings while allowing their hand to wield the mouse. I am not a big fan of these, however, some PC gamers really enjoy gamepads.

Gaming Headset - These put together headphones and a microphone to deliver excellent gaming communication. Whether you happen to be on an internet game like World of Warcraft, a MMORPG with high emphasis on quests with some other WOW gamers,or if you'd rather chat with buddies during a game of Yahoo backgammon a gamer headset should certainly deliver additional comfort with extra padding and noise cancellation.
Gaming Speakers - Many games make use of surround sound technology and state-of-the-art sound to improve the game experience. A good set of computer speakers can truly take your favorite computer game from a visual encounter into a full-body adventure! Starting from affordable to pricy, sound systems are readily available for every budget.

Controllers - Specially utilized by anyone who loves classic video games on the pc, a gaming controller can certainly take you back to the good old days having six control keys along with a directional pad. Considering the high volume of roms and emulators on the web it is no wonder that this gaming accessory has seen a rise in use.

Computer Mouse Pads - Not merely a standard mouse pad, a gamer model sometimes has a firm dependable area, a wrist rest to avoid strain through long hours of game play, as well as an extra-large design. Slightly less common with the increased use of optical mice choices. In my view a gaming mouse pad is important for all serious gamers.

Gamer Chairs - A decent gaming chair can be the difference between being comfy for just 2 hours-or twenty hours. Finding the optimum fit for your preferences, size and requires can be difficult, nevertheless finding a personal computer chair with adaptable features and additional support is definitely worth the commitment.

Further Personal computers/Consoles - Probably the most pricey gamer accessory video game fans can face is the "additional system." This can mean a supplementary computer to allow LAN parties, or some other Xbox 360 to permit multi player using Xbox Live whilst in the same room. Definitely an extravagant accessory, the additional computers/consoles is worth trying it at least once for serious game enthusiasts.
Caffeine Rich Treats - As any Warcraft game player can tell you, a raid that takes place late at night generally requires an additional pick-me-up. The vast variety of snacks available with caffeine is unbelievable: refreshments, candies, even sunflower seeds can be purchased on line or in well-stocked gamer stores. A true gaming session would not be complete with no stash of munchies, anyhow.

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Tips To Improve Your Scrabble Game

If you're a fairly new player to the classic board game, Scrabble, then unless you're a whiz with words you may find that you're left a little embarrassed, particularly if you're playing with people who've played the game many times before. The remainder of this article will provide you with a few tips and tricks you can use to help improve your very first few games of Scrabble.

Top Tip 1 - Using Two Letter Words

This is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of points you can earn in your Scrabble game. Just because you're playing a word game doesn't mean that you have to come up with the most complex words. There are many two letter words in the English language such as "to", "of", "it", as well as many others, providing you place these words in the right place on the board they can often lead to a good number of points. These shorter words are particularly useful when you are stuck for a new word.

Top Tip 2 - Utilizing The "Q" Words

The letter Q is a high scoring letter in Scrabble, used in the right place this letter can bring you in a lot of points. It's a letter which often instills dread into people when they see it in their own letter set and that's why you should make sure you're prepared by memorizing all the words beginning with the letter Q.

Top Tip 3 - Being Familiar With "Bingo" Words

Making yourself familiar with some of the Scrabble "bingo" words is a great way of getting extra points. The bing words are 6 letter words in Scrabble which, if you add one more letter, can make a full 7 letter word. Again, this is another great tip if you're stuck for words or if someone comes up with a high point word which you can better by adding one letter.

Top Tip 4 - Shuffle Away

It sounds like a strange tip but it's true, if you mix around your letter tiles a few times it can stimulate your brain into coming up with new words which you would otherwise not be thinking of. So when you see your letters for the first time, if you can't think of anything try mixing them up again for a few times to see if any words start to spring to mind.

Top Tip 5 - Read More & Write More

Reading and writing more will improve the English vocabulary in your mind, it will enhance your spelling ability and the ability to come up with new words.

Overall, our top tips for improving your Scrabble game include using two letter words if you're stuck for ideas, coming up with words that start with the word Q, learn the bingo words, shuffle your letters and read more.

If you don't have a copy of your own Scrabble board or you want to get some practice in before your next game then play Scrabble online free, it's a great way to improve your overall game.

Sonic Generations PS3

SEGA has finally got it right this time. Sonic has been re-developed and now this platform game has been made into the most exciting platforming seen to date. The game is fast and full of excitement.

Fans who have been playing sonic for the last 20 years may not be around this time to see it perfected. That's a shame. But newcomers will certainly be impressed with the blue hero. This story pays homage to all the games in the past. This time sonic battles an enemy who is hell bent on destroying time itself. All nine sonic games are there, so all 20 years of sonic have been rolled into one.

The graphics have received a new facelift and the playgrounds are beautiful and aesthetically recreated to make this the best looking sonic of all time. This time sonic is a 3D character, compared to the flat image of yesteryear. He is a lovable character and you will fall in love instantly with his new image. The game is fast and you need to speed through the levels at record time if you want to win. You still have to open boxes to reveal the contents as you did in 1991.

This time sonic is older and more mature. He certainly has grown up. He still has the flamboyance of a kid and his energy is boundless. He moves with blazing speed to kill all enemies in his path. No one can stop him. He is a superhero and skateboarder rolled into one. His speed breaks the speed barrier, so it may be a good thing that players of 1991 have passed on. Let the new kids on the block enjoy this fast paced action game. Your weapon arsenal is packed with modern day shooters and launches to give you the edge in your battle against evil.
The game isn't perfect though. The controls are a bit shaky. Sometimes the character can stop and wander for a bit too long, but hey, you can't expect everything in life to be perfect, can you?

You may find yourself bumping into walls and buildings and falling around too much when you start the game. But perseverance favors the brave and before long you will have the hang of it. Unfortunately, there are only four bosses in the game and this may be disappointing. The boss fights are too short and this is a pity.
Sonic has finally come of age in the last sequel. There are secret levels to unlock and your skill will be tested to the max. This game is generally suited for hard core platform lovers, but even if you are new to the genre it may appeal to you.

The storyline is complete and full of surprises and there are very little flaws to complain about. Sonic Generations is a game that will appeal to almost anyone.

Teenagers and Video Games: A Love Story

It is a common scene in most households with teenagers that parents will observe their adolescents glued to the latest video game for hours on end, at the detriment of chores, homework or social interaction. Many parents assume that video games are unproductive and that their kids spend too much time playing them and not on other things. It seems that digital entertainment may have some effects on teenagers that are not bad at all. In fact, research shows that digital games might help teenagers develop great skills that will come handy on day to day life. This is a subject definitely worth looking more into.

Society has even gone so far in its controversial view of video games as to suggest that games are responsible for violent behavior in young people. No matter what your stance on this type of entertainment is, there is little data to substantiate the claims that video games are responsible for violent youth. If anything youth who were already violent to begin with are attracted to violent materials, TV, media, or other violent activities.

For many parents it is hard to see the appeal or the benefits of their kids playing digital games. But research shows that certain kinds of games may be educational and actually stimulate the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain responsible for what is called executive function. Executive function refers to the ability to integrate multiple stimuli, organize and analyze them, and determine an appropriate response or course of action, taking into account the probable consequences of the action taken. Most parents would be ecstatic if their teenager possessed those seemingly rare abilities. And parents are correct in assuming that this behavior does not happen as frequently in adolescents as in adults, because the adolescent brain has not fully developed this region yet.

Not all video games offer the benefits of prefrontal cortex development, and there certainly are video games that offer little to no benefits whatsoever. But, if you have a teen who is a gamer, and you want to determine if his games are worthwhile or not, ask to play with him. Have him teach you how the game works and what is involved. You might even find it challenging and engaging yourself. If certain video games can actually enhance brain development, maybe then parents will be more accepting of the hours glued to the "Executive Function Machine".

Matt Keck, MFT, is the Clinical Director at Cielo House located in Belmont and San Jose, California. Cielo House offers intensive, professional eating disorder treatment in a comfortable home-like setting. Cielo House is a special kind of treatment program, offering a unique combination of professional treatment delivery in a welcoming, personal environment. http://www.CieloHouse.com

The Combination Impact Through Gamification and E-Learning

Gamification has been a popular buzz word of late among media practitioners. It refers to the use of game design mind sets for non-game applications or "fun wares" meant to engage audiences. Considered by many experts as one of the important trends in technology, Gamification capitalizes on people's predisposition to play and have fun. Using a gaming design to encourage engagement, people are made to accomplish chores which many considered as boring. Gamification has been used in various industries for varied purposes such as completing surveys, reading web sites, and shopping. Gamification is now being utilized to enhance E-learning systems.

Our Outmoded Educational System

Patterned after 19th century models, our educational system is deemed to be outmoded and out dated. Some quarters believe it is stifling and discourages creativity which is one goal of educating people. Focusing mainly on academics, our educational system's traditional approach to transferring knowledge simply bores our younger generation which has grown up and has been accustomed to interactive entertainment.

In school, these young students who regularly engage in interactive media at home (such as playing video games or updating social network profiles) are made to sit still and learn - an environment that has now turned unfamiliar to them. As a result boredom sets in as students start to feel disengaged with the classroom activity. Worst, their learning curves grind into a halt.

With E-Learning and Gamification Learning becomes fun

With E-Learning, the learning environment becomes more conducive and engaging. Inject it with Gamification and engagements are brought to new heights. With the incorporation of game play designs into the learning and teaching process, students become more actively engaged with school work. And just as with any challenging game, students even perform up to the edge of their abilities.

There are studies that shows that actively engaged students perform better in school. Students who have profound interests on their lessons retain more and recall their lessons better. They are also not much of a problem when it comes to discipline!

I remember reading a complaint of a mother of a 6 year old child who could name all 493 Pokemon characters complete with their powers and their weaknesses and transitions. Yet the same boy can not memorize anything in school complains the mother!

This is basically what our educators have neglected to look into - the fact that we now have a more engaging breed of students who have grown accustomed to an interactive environment at home who'd be more than willing to actively pursue learning processes for so long as they are fun and interesting.

Knowledge resource for the learning management system comparison with sub category learning management system comparison.

Four Tips Help You to Be a Healthy Gamer

With the development of the high-technology in our society, the games have changed a lot. Different from the games we played in the past, now video games are very hot and popular among public, especially among the young generation. Games can bring people joy and make them feel relaxed, which must be a good aspect of games. Also there are some gamers who addicted to the games deeply and always stay up, which is bad for their health. It will cause the decline of your immunity. It can also cause the endocrine disorders. The female gamers, who is always stay up late, will find that their skins are dry and lusterless. To enjoy the games more, they need to pay more attention to the health problem.

At first, gamers should avoid staying up in playing games to their best potential. Gamers are supposed to choose the proper time to play games. If possible, try to do it in the daytime.

Second, for those gamers who stay up frequently, they should complement more nutrition. They should eat more food with high protein, fat and Vitamin, such as milk, beef, pork, fish, beans and so on. Besides, eating some dried fruits are very necessary, such as nuts, peanuts, dates and so on, because they have the anti-fatigue effects.

Third, gamers had better not sit at the computers all the time. I do understand that the games are interesting and once you start to play, you will never want to stop it. Actually the gamers really need t go outdoors, relax their eyes and do some exercises. It really works for them to improve their fitness and be away from the diseases.

Last, Choose the appropriate related accessories. This suggestion may sound irrelevant to keep healthy. Let's take the handheld console for example. We all know the Nintendo DS. The young generation love it every much. Since we can carry the little box everywhere, we can play it once we have some free time. But you have to spend more time on storing these games so that you can keep on playing next time, which indirectly prolong gamers' playtime. Good game accessories will indirectly benefit our health. For me, I think the R4I Gold Plus card is a good choice for those handheld console lovers. The R4I Gold Plus card is equipped with independent upgraded written card, which makes the update thoroughly beyond the restrains from the principal machine. In addition, this card also has a lot of functions. It can support the card software of WIFI update online.

In a word, no matter how a video game is funny and attracts you, you should put your health in the first place. Staying up is not very available for gamers. Gamers are bound to take care of themselves while they are playing games. Relaxing themselves and keeping good health in the games is the best ending!

As a game lover, I'm interested in all kinds of games, handheld game consoles and the related accessories. Here, I sincerely recommend the R4I Gold Plus card to you. With this amazing card, your game time will become more enjoyable and smooth.