The Sims Medieval Game

The ever-popular Sims game has come up with a whole new perspective. Sims Medieval for PC and Mac is mostly a typical Sims simulation game, although with some role-playing features. As suggested by its name, the game is located during medieval times, and brings you on a voyage of adventure, mystery and romance.

Continuously developing from the first Sims game, Sims Medieval contains much better animations, graphics, and the characters look a whole lot more realistic.

You will be ultimately responsible for developing a Kingdom, and making it grow. You must ensure that your subjects are content, and have everything they need to stay alive every single day. There are a variety of goals that you may decide to achieve within your Kingdom, whether it be political, military or economic. The particular goal that you choose then determines the quests you will get and the remaining gameplay.

In the game, it is possible to create hero characters and train these to accomplish quests. These heroes are created after you construct different kinds of buildings, and you must boost their skills and personalities. These heroes may very well be anything from knights to craftsmen, or rulers to doctors.

The quests are a fresh element to the game, and enable players to build up skill points, experience points and kingdom points. The points are then accumulated to help you to level up. Levelling up, in turn, uncovers new sections of the game, and unlocks unique quests. These quests can be accomplished by one single Sim, or might require the help of some heroes.

All of these variations mean that the game is invariably new and intriguing, and can be played repeatedly with different stories and scenarios every time you play.


One player who is used to previous Sims games said that they were quite impressed by the enhanced graphics and how lifelike your Sims seem. They also said that there were huge amounts of activities to do, so the game never got dull or boring.

Most people said that the game was fairly stable on Windows 7, and didn't crash as Sims 3 was liable to do sometimes.


A recommendation made by one player was to allow sufficient time the first time that you play Sims Medieval. There is really a lot to master, and it takes you through a Tutorial. Having said that, you are unable to save midway through the Tutorial, so if you would like to come back to it at another time, you will need to start again.

Some players found the movement from A to B and the "camera" or viewing controls somewhat cumbersome and clumsy.

Other individuals thought that the quests didn't leave a great deal for the individual player to decide - you have to go through the quests making it a kind of "click and play" game, and not one with much strategy.

Build and take control of your very own Kingdom in Sims Medieval. With pretty much infinite story variations and possibilities, you can imagine yourself back in time with all of the excitement and drama of knights, castles and fascinating quests to undertake.