The Combination Impact Through Gamification and E-Learning

Gamification has been a popular buzz word of late among media practitioners. It refers to the use of game design mind sets for non-game applications or "fun wares" meant to engage audiences. Considered by many experts as one of the important trends in technology, Gamification capitalizes on people's predisposition to play and have fun. Using a gaming design to encourage engagement, people are made to accomplish chores which many considered as boring. Gamification has been used in various industries for varied purposes such as completing surveys, reading web sites, and shopping. Gamification is now being utilized to enhance E-learning systems.

Our Outmoded Educational System

Patterned after 19th century models, our educational system is deemed to be outmoded and out dated. Some quarters believe it is stifling and discourages creativity which is one goal of educating people. Focusing mainly on academics, our educational system's traditional approach to transferring knowledge simply bores our younger generation which has grown up and has been accustomed to interactive entertainment.

In school, these young students who regularly engage in interactive media at home (such as playing video games or updating social network profiles) are made to sit still and learn - an environment that has now turned unfamiliar to them. As a result boredom sets in as students start to feel disengaged with the classroom activity. Worst, their learning curves grind into a halt.

With E-Learning and Gamification Learning becomes fun

With E-Learning, the learning environment becomes more conducive and engaging. Inject it with Gamification and engagements are brought to new heights. With the incorporation of game play designs into the learning and teaching process, students become more actively engaged with school work. And just as with any challenging game, students even perform up to the edge of their abilities.

There are studies that shows that actively engaged students perform better in school. Students who have profound interests on their lessons retain more and recall their lessons better. They are also not much of a problem when it comes to discipline!

I remember reading a complaint of a mother of a 6 year old child who could name all 493 Pokemon characters complete with their powers and their weaknesses and transitions. Yet the same boy can not memorize anything in school complains the mother!

This is basically what our educators have neglected to look into - the fact that we now have a more engaging breed of students who have grown accustomed to an interactive environment at home who'd be more than willing to actively pursue learning processes for so long as they are fun and interesting.

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