Dragon Nest Review

Dragon Nest is the newest action game released by Eyedentity Games. The developer spent a great deal of time and effort to make the game one of the most exciting MMORPGs to hit the gaming market this year. The game is near perfect and a joy to play.

The combat scenes are brilliant and addictive. You never tire of battling large convoys of enemies and bad guys. The storyline is sensible. There is a short dungeon scene that adds a lot of sparkle and variety to the game. The game stays interesting throughout and there is never a boring moment. It's rare to find such a solid game and Eyedentity Games will forever be remembered for their commitment to fine detail. The beauty of the game is its simplicity. Eyedentity Games haven't done much in terms of technology. The graphics are basic and resembles PS2 era technology. The game is smooth and responsive and loads ultra fast. Children will love the art work that reminds them of kindergarten books and fairy tale stories. The reason for its simplicity could be that the developer wanted to make the game playable on as many different systems as possible, without compromising on quality. It seems that their objective has been achieved. Its simple appearance has not degraded the game in any way, but actually enhanced it. The game is family friendly and the dialogue is absent of any profanity. You rarely find war games in this day and age so beautifully designed.
On the surface the game may appear simple, but once you start playing you realize the game is filled with hidden gems. There are so many moves you can do with the mouse and this adds more depth and excitement to the game. You can dodge enemies and also turn dodges into attacks by using the right movements. This isn't the normal fighting game where you simply bludgeon enemies into submission. You need to know exactly when to attack or counter. If you make the wrong choice, you will be penalized for your mistake. This encourages you to learn as you go along. There is no mindless killing that eventually leads to boredom and frustration. The fights get tougher and meaner guys appear as you go further up the levels.
The downside of the game is that you are very seldom rewarded for a job well done. On the rare occasion if you do receive a reward it doesn't appear to be useful and you can't use it to your advantage so the rewards don't benefit you in any manner. Finding gear to enhance your fighting abilities is very hard and tiresome. Many impatient gamers will simply forego looking for collectibles and continue with the battles using the standard weapons. This could become a problem as you have very little inventory by default and winning the battles will become almost impossible. If more gear were readily available the gamer could proceed with more enthusiasm and recklessness.

You have a variety of quests to complete and they all offer something unique and refreshing. The dialogue is filled with witty jokes and delightful comments that will keep you smiling. There are enough battles and boss fights to keep the action alive. The game offers a comprehensive map so you never wander aimlessly wasting time and effort. A variety of characters with their own unique personality adds a lot of fun too.

Dragon Nest is certainly a well rounded game with enough content to pack a serious punch.

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